MHRC asks, what is a Media Lab?

A conversation with Jussi Parikka, Lori Emerson, and Darren Wershler

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Where did media labs come from and why do they occupy such an important role in contemporary discourse? What are practices and places in which media theory is produced? In the context of the humanities, why “lab,” and what sorts of claims follow from the use of this term? What are the “other places” of pedagogy in the era of networked digital media? How are media labs part of the specific institutional situation of the corporate university?
Join Jussi Parikka, Lori Emerson and Darren Wershler for a conversation on these questions, in the context of their new research project, THE LAB BOOK: SITUATED PRACTICES IN MEDIA STUDIES.

Thursday, November 5 | 4:15-6 PM
CJ 1.114 | Communication and Journalism Building
Loyola Campus, Concordia University,
7141 rue Sherbrooke Ouest

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