Jeremy Shtern | Social Media and Promotional Culture


Jeremy Shtern | Social Media and Promotional Culture

Questions about the democratic impact of social media political advertising have recently burst their way onto policy agendas and into public consciousness. But if politics can be manipulated by targeted social media content, what are the implications for our daily lives as consumers and citizens when brands and advertisers use the affordances of social media to influence our thinking and choices? Based on 4+ years of research into social media advertising, Jeremy Shtern (Ryerson University) discusses the internet governance implications linked to the emergence of data-driven social media advertising, and makes the case for internet governance discussions to start paying more attention to the fact that advertising — historically a crucial policy agenda for governing electronic communication — is fundamentally shaping user experiences online and sponsoring the architecture of most public internet communication.

November 23 | 12PM Noon
CJ 1.114 Loyola Campus
Concordia University
7141 Sherbrooke Street  

Guins & Lowood at the MHRC [LOCATION UPDATE]

Raiford Guins | Atari Modern: Towards a Design History of Atari’s Coin-Ops
Henry Lowood | Replay: Games, Performance, Preservation

Raiford Guins (Indiana University) and Henry Lowood (Stanford University) will be presenting their recent work on the history and culture of video games. This talk is presented by the Residual Media Depot, a project of the Media History Research Centre cluster of the Milieux Institute at Concordia University.

November 10 | 3 – 5:30 PM
VA 323 – Visual Arts Building
1395 Boulevard René-Lévesque O,
SGW Campus, Concordia University