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California Typewriter

CALIFORNIA TYPEWRITER is a documentary portrait of artists, writers, and collectors who remain steadfastly loyal to the typewriter as a tool and muse, featuring Tom Hanks, John Mayer, David McCullough, Sam Shepard, and Milieux’s own Darren Wershler. It also movingly documents the struggles of California Typewriter, one of the last standing repair shops in America dedicated to Read More

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Joan Donovan | Phreaking Democracy

Joan Donovan | Phreaking Democracy Joan Donovan (UCLA) will illustrate how protesters use new and old communication technologies to organize for social change, highlighting the role of the telephone. This talk explores the history of phone phreaking to draw out comparisons to today’s activist use of voice-to-voice communication in the struggle for democracy. Monday, January 22 Read More

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Guins & Lowood at the MHRC [LOCATION UPDATE]

Raiford Guins | Atari Modern: Towards a Design History of Atari’s Coin-Ops Henry Lowood | Replay: Games, Performance, Preservation Raiford Guins (Indiana University) and Henry Lowood (Stanford University) will be presenting their recent work on the history and culture of video games. This talk is presented by the Residual Media Depot, a project of the Media History Research Read More

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Fall 2017 Upcoming Events

We have an exciting roster of events upcoming at the MHRC! Mark your calendars for our autumn speaker series: Jennifer Holt | Cloud Policy: Anatomy of a Regulatory Crisis  Jennifer Holt will examine the legal and cultural crises surrounding the regulation of data in ‘the cloud’. The challenges of distributing and protecting data in a policy landscape Read More

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Poleconomy night is the first in an upcoming game night series hosted by the MHRC. Play through a game that reflects the way government, finance and industry collide when private enterprise operates under parliamentary democracy. Tycoons and politicians face face inflation, taxation and commercial disaster in a bid for political and financial power. Renowned in Canada Read More

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Darren Wershler returns with the ENGL 603: Media Archeology. The 5-day (Tuesday 23 May – Saturday 27 May), 3 credit spring course attempts to answer “What is media archaeology?” As Jussi Parikka describes, it is a subfield of media history that scrutinizes contemporary media culture through investigations of past media technologies and creative media practices. Media Read More

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Dr. Philip Mirowski will be running a seminar inspired by his new book All the Knowledge We Have Lost Due to Information. The book examines the role of information in modern economics and how it influences policy and politics. We will be reading “Information in Economics: A Fictionalist Account.” The article proposes that certain classes of economic models best be understood as “fictions.” The Read More

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February 16, 5:30 PM  Milieux Institute, EV Building, Room 11.705 1515 St-Catherine ST. W., Concordia University Openness was supposed to save science. Heralded as modern science’s saving grace, the “open science” movement had its debut among the scientific and general community in the last 15 years, reputedly to render the field more accessible and democratic. In this talk, historian Read More

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Upcoming JOHN DURHAM PETERS event with the Media History Research Centre. John Lilly, who made dolphins famous as cosmic minds in the water, was obsessed with their bioacoustic practices. Sound technologies, especially tape, were the conditio sine qua non of Lilly’s cetacean research. He used tape to decrypt dolphin communications. The taped infrastructure of his Read More

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Upcoming September 30 Event: Benjamin Peters Talk

The Media History Research Centre presents THE UNEASY HISTORY OF THE SOVIET INTERNET: BEYOND THE BOOK  SPEAKER Benjamin Peters, Assistant Professor of Communication, from University of Tulsa RESPONDENTS Fenwick McKelvey, Communication Studies, and Elena Razlogova, History, from Concordia University WHEN Friday September 30 | 2 to 4 PM WHERE CJ 1.114 | Loyola Campus, 7141 Read More

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