Introducing The Residual Media Depot


“This is not a media archaeology lab. This is not an archive. This is a research collection.”

Wershler introduces the  Residual Media Depot in Milieux Institute‘s Pause Button zine. The Media History Research Centre director recently launched the research collection, primarily composed of early video game consoles. Naming the collection proved more difficult than anticipated. In his article, Weshler carefully considers terms such as archive and media archaeology lab in his search for the perfect name. What is it?

What makes a space a milieu?


What makes a space a milieu? How are they formed and what do they promise to create?

MHRC Coordinator Elise Cotter is featured in Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology at Concordia University’s Pause Button. The online zine hopes to disseminate the research, ideas, prototypes and discoveries that come in and out of Milieux to the wider public. As Director, Bart Simon exclaims, it is “a renewal of the idea of the public university and of the desire to be public.”

“Messages, Medium, Milieux” looks at the often forgotten bond between media & geography. The article was inspired by media historian, John Durham Peters’ recent visit to Concordia University as a guest speaker for the Media History Research Centre.

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